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The Line - Story of the Song's Lyrics & Recordings

This page will soon include extensive information from the songs that make up the album "The Line".   

The album is a multi-layered, full studio production.  It's a very different experience than "Peter D'Amore's Live Acoustic Loop Show", as each song's recording has a long list of instruments that were featured and performed independently.  

More detailed track info will be presented and updated along the way, but for now, here are all of the song lyrics:    





Tell me a story.  Tell me your lifeline, and make it real.                       

On this new day….  Hey.

In line,  bring it to life,   bring me to life,    leave me a line!


Aye!    Bring me a lifeline,   a legacy,    and still counting…

The legend of you,      you add it up,      you haven’t had enough.

You’re still going!     Ooo, yeah!        Yah-aye!  





The day started with a picture of rain.   

Night falls with the sound of the train.

Air is older, our love is of one breath, as the chills play …


Heard it said there’s a stitch in time.  Looking back at all the glory, right?

I remove all the side-tracked minds, it’s a new fine line.   

It’s a new fine line.

Fine line.                    Fine line.                 To rain between. 


The day’s stopping with a picture of rain. 

Night falls with the sound of the train.  …   Fine line.





Free ride, you know this time you got it. 

Free ride, you know this time it’s true.

On time, the train – it never flickered.   It came flying out right at you.

It came flying out of the station, right at you. 


Free ride, you tell me where you left me:

In the dark and lonely nights, so Blue.

On time, you always had me wondrin’ –   When would you be there? 

It came flyin’ after you.     It came flyin’ after you.


We both know – out of the sunset.  A rain down there, to push it through.

And a moment, between the Red,       To save our life - just in time.


We both know – out of the sunset.

A rain down there, to push it through.    We both know.   


Free ride, you tell me where you left me:

In the dark and lonely nights,    so  Blue .    .    .     .     


Far, far away…. another plane was sent

Far, far away…. and my mind was made up then.

Far, far away…. another plane was sent

I knew right then and there.  




FLYING I  - instrumental  



BITTEN BY THE BEAST                                                                              

Bitten by the beast,       n’ you try for better things.

Offer it your life in peace,      And carry on…


We wait down here… The Red and Blue …

with all they know,    they all know:

It’s all there ….  So get in line ….  Everyone this time.


Fast with your bolt of light.  Fast with your bolt of light.   Revive.  Revive!


Bitten by the Beast,   try for better things.                                

Offered it your life in peace,      ….        To carry on…


We wait down here…  The Red and Blue …

We fall in line,    with all we know:

It’s all there ….  So get in line ….  Everyone this time.   Get in line!

This has been. 


Teeth bearing deep with bite.    Scarred me for life. 







Every day, it’s a state of mind.  Seem we’re losing somewhere,  in line. 

Where do they all travel?  What goes on, at the core my friend, today?  Today?

Tell me when, tell me why, I don’t want to reach inside. 

I’m too busy with surrounding light,

I’m distracted by the glorious sight   of you. 


Just start, and you’ll be OK, friend. 

And rely, on what you’ll find in there.  Go get it now…


You’ll be OK, friend.    What’d you find in there?

Everyday, it’s a state of mind  /  Climb, out of the dark to reach you.



AIRBRUSHED  -  instrumental 





Don't    lose yourself        in the search     for your love.

Don't leave         your ways -        tried and true.

And trouble laid        upon your head.


Forget          that your path     is bound to cross     another's tried,

Tried and true.                         And trouble laid

I will make it through...          I will make it through...

I will bear the weight...                  I won't lose myself...

In the search for love...            I won't leave my ways...


Tried and true.    Mmmm, trouble laid        Laid upon your head.

Lose yourself...  In the search   For your love     Tried & True

Trouble laid        I will make it through.          Mmmmmm


Forget...      you will have your time ....

with your troubled eyes...  every line was Blue.    

Read... all you are.... you will not forget.... every word you read.

Every  word  was  Red....   




SUMMIT – instrumental





Happy is the fool,  charred by life.               

And happy is the way, they strive tonight.

In all, they wave     in   first   class   line.   

Will all their time before,        so often,    go on forgotten?


Happy is the fool,               no goal in sight. 

For they’ve reached them all                     in  first  class   line,

My  line &  your line…       There’s time...    To rest on laurels tonight.


Happy is the fool,     who wanders blindly.

And happy is the way.                   Ooo, the fullest plateau. 


All my time with you,  is not forgotten. 

I wave in line with you, the road goes rougher.                

And all the hunger…                will make us stronger.







OKTOBERFEST – instrumental




What in the world can?  What in the world can we do? 

Think we’re doing fine.       Think we’re doing fine. 


You’re never like the others...   You think in a different style…


What’ll it be in line?        What’ll it be in line?      What’ll it be in line?   



THE ENTRUSTED – instrumental





When the world ends, will you breathe?      

When the time comes         to make it?


Please, we know, “why an ending?”             

Time hasn’t taught us to end it.    oooooo   


Why do you wait for another day, for the road to love?

You’re free in line, a state of mind….  too real a line?

The bittersweet  is better  … in a real line 

to re-align ….   to rig a life  -  for free.  


When the world ends, will you be…      

Flying outward,    and thinking:

“Now we know of the ending”    ?

Say you will see!   You will reach for them.   oooooo


Why do you wait for another day, for the road to love?

You’re free in line, a state of mind….  too real a line?

The bittersweet is better … in a real line.   

to re-align ….   to rig a life  -  for  free.  





Scouring the city….  out to find the world.

I’ve been on the side lines     ….      always onward.

The miles to madness ….      


I’m searchin’…    Pushing fate with wine. 

I’m taking in the scenery.    It’s better than my whole life!

Fate can’t happen fast enough.

Fate can’t happen fast enough….          woh, woh.   


I’m inside the innovation.    Breathin’ in the invention. 

A daring to survive:    

            A miracle!   Miracle!  


Fate can’t happen fast enough      Fate can’t happen fast enough     

Fate can’t happen fast enough           Fate can’t happen              

Fate will unravel  you!   Yeah!     That’s what I’m talking about. 


SOMEONE’S THEME – instrumental




I remember the days, I was working it out

I was waiting for, the move.


I remember the days, I was working it out

I was trying to wait, just like you.


Now,    we glide over       And move,   we glide through.

And only for one day….   win our war,  until it will offer.

In a way, it’s our war.



SOLACE  - instrumental





And now:  The end of time. 

The question rooted deep.

It is your time to sleep.

You fall into unknown.

It will not ever cease: 

You’ve always wondered ‘why?’,

The question rooted deep.


The weight of waiting: through.

Now all your Reds are Blue.

Your shouts to stars above,

And your heady dreams come true.




EAGLE’S STORY – instrumental


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